Liver Transplant Surgery in India

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What is Liver Transplant surgery?

A liver transplant is a surgery conducted to remove a diseased liver and replace it with a healthy liver from a deceased or living donor. Most people who have gone through liver transplant live a perfect and normal life afterwards.

Liver Transplant Surgery

Why does someone need a liver transplant surgery?

Doctors may recommend you to have a liver transplant surgery if you are suffering from chronic liver failure. This disease is life-threatening and can be caused due to various conditions of your liver.

Some other health issues, which may lead to the surgery, are: -
·    Biliary Atresia- It is a rare disease of the liver that occurs in newborns.
·    Viral hepatitis- The most common causes of this disease are Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.
·    Acute hepatic necrosis- This disease occurs when the tissue in the liver vanishes or dies.
·    Primary liver cancers- These are the cancerous tumours that form in the liver.
·    Metabolic diseases- disorders because of which there is a change in chemical activity in the cells which are affected by the liver.
·    Autoimmune hepatitis- A swelling or inflammation of the liver. It happens when the disease-fighting system of your body attacks your liver.

There are certain precautions that a patient needs to take after a successful liver transplant.

1.   Regular checkups- For the long-term results of a successful liver transplant surgery, it is important for the patients visiting their respective clinics regularly. This is because there is a major risk of coronary artery disease after the surgery that can cause weight gain and high blood pressure.
2.  Nutrition and diet- After the surgery is over, the patient will have an insatiable appetite which is actually considered as a good sign. Patients should have a good intake of protein and take enough filtered water. It is a good option to avoid salads and raw foods. The patients should also avoid fruits and sweets that can increase up to the blood sugar level. Smoking and tobacco should strictly be prohibited.
3.  Medicines- It is important that the patients take their medicines properly for the betterment of the recovery process and should never skip. Make sure that the medicines you take are prescribed by your doctors. It is also important for their family members to take a good care of them and make sure that they take their medicines on time.
4.  Surroundings- Recovery starts at home. After the liver transplant surgery, it is a prime duty of the family members of the patient that they make sure that there is a good amount of ventilation in the house. The patient needs to wear a mask for the first few months after the surgery whenever they go to a crowded place. They should take a bath daily and maintain a proper hygiene.
5.  Regular exercise- When it comes to recommendations, exercise is one of the major things on the list. They should not lift heavy weights and swim before 3 months. They should practice deep breathing and Yoga. Another thing that they can do is to consult a physiotherapist for the optimization of their exercise schedule.

So, if anybody in your family has to go through the transplant, make sure you follow all these steps.