Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

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What is Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure which is conducted for the replacement of the dysfunctional kidneys with healthy kidneys from a deceased or live donor. Adding to that, there are certain limitations to your eating and drinking. You need to follow a diet which is good for your heart and helps in improving your energy and health.

If the kidney transplant is successful, you will be able to live the kind of life you were living before having the kidney disease. According to a research, it has been found that people with a successful kidney transplant surgery live longer than the people who remain on dialysis.

When talking about the negative side, there are certain risks of kidney transplant surgery. You will need to take medicines of anti-rejection for the time your new kidney is working. These medicines can have certain side effects. There is a chance that you can get infected with certain types of cancer.


Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

Who can have kidney replacement surgery?

The kidney replacement surgery is suitable for any age group suffering from kidney disease, no matter children or seniors. There are certain conditions required.

1.   You must be free from infections and cancer.
2.   You must be healthy for the surgery

Every person who is suffering from kidney disease has to go through a medical evaluation to check out if they are eligible for the surgery or not.

Steps of the kidney transplant procedure

1.   Donor

The first step is to find an ideal kidney donor. There are two types of donors i.e. Deceased Donors, who allowed to use the usable organs after their death and Living donors i.e. the donors who elect to donate their one kidney. A kidney donor can live a healthy life even after the removal of one kidney. To determine that the donor is a good match or not, there are three tests by which he has to go through. These tests are cross-matching, blood type matching and tissue matching.

2.  The admittance to the hospital

Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, he will go through certain physical exams, chest X-ray and ECG. There are some cases in which the surgery can be postponed. This happened if the patient is suffering from any infection or other diseases which can work as a problem during infection.

3.  The surgery

During the surgery, anaesthesia is given to the patient. After that, the patient is monitored and the surgeons remove the old kidney from the body. Then they place the new kidney and attach all the essential parts carefully. There are chances that they even insert a small drain into the abdomen so that the excess fluid can be drained. And at the end, the patient is sewed and monitored closely.

Why is there a need for a kidney transplant?

In comparison to the dialysis, a kidney replacement surgery is efficient in providing lower risks of death, a healthier and better quality of life, lower cost of treatment and minor diet restrictions.